About Us

Kenzi Kashae Cosmetics was founded in the summer of 2017 by Kenzi Kashae and Sherita A., a mother/daughter duo.  Kenzi Kashae first fell in love with makeup when she was 14 years old, looking to enhance her look and ultimately boost her self-esteem. She became a certified makeup artist in 2016, doing freelance makeup while attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. since then, cosmetics has played a huge part in her life. Essentially, she envisioned Kenzi Kashae Cosmetics as a full service cosmetics brand that prioritizes luxury, affordable makeup for the everyday woman looking to achieve the upscale “Hollywood” look. KKC's goal is to specialize in allowing our consumers to create customized "beauty packages" that will allow them to sample and put together their own personalized set for an affordable price. KKC is here to accommodate anyone from beginners to makeup gurus. Overall, the focus is to make our cosmetics accessible to every type of woman and keep our luxury, high quality products affordable. So, thank you for all your support in this journey to make KKC the most interactive cosmetics company ever! 

I am so very proud of my daughter.  She is reaching for her dreams and with this joint venture helping me to fulfill my lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. She is my inspiration, and I am hers, and I can certainly attest to Kenzi's love of makeup and hours in the bathroom practicing her makeup applications.  I'm not the glamour girl my daughter is but, I found the perfect lash for me, "Night Jewel".  Remember beauty has no bounds.  We aim to bring you affordable, luxurious mink lashes.  We thank you for your support and look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Happy mink winking!